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I conduct speech and communication therapy
as part of my consulting office.

Speech therapist in orthodontic treatment

Myotheraphy, myofunctional theraphy.


I conduct a functional assessment of the orofacial system in the area of:

  • assessment of the lingual frenulum,
  • assessment of the resting position of the tongue,
  • breathing track,
  • swallowing way,
  • articulation of particular consonant groups.

The speech therapy includes miotherapy, myofunctional therapy-the support for orthodontic treatment in the area of:

  • improving muscle function of the orofacial system,
  • obtaining the correct resting position of the tongue,
  • learning how to chew and swallow properly,
  • developing the right breathing track,
  • correction of speech defects.

Working out of the correct operation of the orofacial system allows us

Working out of the correct operation of the orofacial system allows us.

Disorders of the above functions:

  • open mouth and no lips-closure,
  • breathing through the mouth track,
  • snore,
  • hyper salivation and reduced
  • sensorimotor tension,
  • limited tongue movement function,
  • no verticalisation of the tongue,
  • no normal muscle tension in the face and neck.

They appear in children in whom the ENT specialist has confirmed hypertrophy of the tonsil or palatine tonsils, which is associated with chronic otitis, sinus, pharyngitis, frequent angina, recurrent otitis media, improper development of jaws and palate, malocclusion, speech disorders, nasal speech disorder, slowed general development of the child, increased fatigue, hyperactivity and hyperacusia.

Effective prevention and orthodontic / dental treatment

requires a comprehensive holistic approach to stomatognathic system disorders. The comprehensive approach to the orthodontic treatment includes the usage and cooperation of a dentist, orthodontist, speech therapist and physiotherapist. The stomatognathic system understood as a morphological and functional syndrome of tissues and organs within the oral cavity and facial skeleton is a functional whole involved in food intake (chewing, swallowing), breathing, and articulation of sounds. A holistic approach to treatment assumes that it is a system of closely related organs that affect each other’s functioning. An incorrect posture causes temporomandibular joint disorders. The development of malocclusion is affected by abnormal breathing, abnormal resting position of the tongue, and swallowing disorders. Dental / orthodontic treatment should be carried out in parallel with speech therapy.

Speech therapy in my office is made in constant cooperation with the dentist Aldona Bialic,

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