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I conduct speech and communication therapy
as part of my consulting office.

Neurological speech therapy


Neurological speech therapy covers a very wide area of influence on the child’s development. To a large extent, it is based on a direct therapist-child-parent relationship, which allows creating unique conditions to motivate and inspire the child to overcome difficulties.


I believe that not all areas of neurological speech therapy can be conducted in the form of online therapy. Certain actions in the field of developing communication competences require, in my opinion, direct contact. It is not always possible to create such conditions. In certain areas of speech therapy, we can work effectively using the formula of online classes. Correction of pronunciation defects is part of speech therapy work that can be conducted effectively and efficiently online.

Speech therapy diagnosis

A well-conducted speech therapy diagnosis, reliable therapy plan and close cooperation with the parents guarantee an effective therapy in the following areas:

improving muscle function of the orofacial system,

obtaining the correct resting position of the tongue,

learning how to chew and swallow properly,

developing the right breathing track,

correction od pronunciation disorders.

ENT and orthodontic treatment

If the child is covered by ENT, orthodontic treatment and speech impediments are a problem accompanying the above areas of treatment – we are able to work logopedically also in the online formula, methodically correcting all aspects of improving the work of the orofacial system.
I invite parents of bilingual children living in Germany, USA, UK, Australia or New Zealand. Therapy is also possible in English.

I invite parents who are willing to perform systematic speech therapy work with their child based on an effective coaching, containing diagnosis and planning of the next stages of the therapy along with the planning of specific exercises and verifying and assessing the effects of their performance.

The time you don’t waste on going to the stationary speech therapy office, can be a great opportunity to spend it together with your child. At the same time, if necessary, it is always possible to organize consultations in the office.

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